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 we gave you a name boy ain't that enough if you work real hard you can buy all this stuff we gave you king james now don't go to far lest you might find out you're a shooting star and stars belong in hollywood where they sell themselves for the public good taking pictures for all the world to see how power and fame lead to misery on the other side of the coin is tainted history hiding the past of wild savages behind a white horse of fake glory a paper trail will hide from you what it is you need to know and your family will make sure there's nothing left to show give up your desire to know the truth before it is to late for you may have an accident before you reach that gate and in the papers it will say that you were just a liar you were just a silly boy who was dazed and confused somewhere in the past as a child you may have been abused somehow it all ended up some kind of distorted desire somebody stop the current i am like an over heated wire spontaneous combustion will set my soul on fire there will be nothing left but ashes and dust and who will that inspire? again you will have to retire into the illusion of false rooted desire born again a spark may light and again send you searching into the night making your way by candlelight making your play by candlelight bobby robinson 2010